Our Centre’s Rooms

Pink Room

Our Pink room children are our babies of the centre we have a capacity of 8 babies per day with 2 educators, this age group begins from 2 months until we believe they are ready to move up. The signs that we look at to move the children up are; when they are walking, having 1 sleep throughout the day and can attempt to feed themselves. We are very flexible in this room and we provide a flexible and stimulating environment. Each child’s routines from home are incorporated into our routine to provide a high quality of care. Educators in the room provide a number of activities for the children and work together with parents on their child’s development and independence skills.

Blue Room

In the Blue room we work together with parents to extend on their children’s overall development. We have a capacity of 15 children per day with 4 educators; this age group begins from approximately 15 months to 24 months of age. Our aim for the children is to extend on their language, self-help skills and communication with other peers and educators. We support the children by engaging them in play and allowing them to have a voice, visually and listening to their individual cues.

Red Room

Our Red room is one of our younger toddler rooms which the age group is 2yrs -3yrs. This room has a capacity of 15 children per day with 4 educators on each day. We provide a safe and fun environment, and we aim to provide a fun, memorable and educational day for these children. We aim to involve each child’s interests in the program and also extend on natural play. We look after these children like our own and except each child’s uniqueness and embrace it. We love getting our fingers dirty in this room by using our fine motor skills by finger painting and sensory play. We also have a range of table activities that the children love to engage in.

Green Room

Our Green room is one of our other toddler rooms with a capacity of 15 children per day with 4 educators, the age group is 2yrs – 3yrs. Our aim is to provide engaging experiences to allow children to develop their own individuality. We give the children opportunities to explore, have choices and communicate with their peers. We engage in activities where children use their imagination skills and also to be curious about the environment and community. We work with the families in regards to toilet training and work really hard in achieving this goal.

Orange Room

Our Orange room are the older toddlers of the centre in this room we have the capacity of 15 children per day with 4 educators. We like to provide a stimulating and educational program for these children. Our aim is to get them ready for the next step of their journey. We like to learn through play and incorporating the children’s strengths and weaknesses into our daily program. We allow the children to be themselves and except every child’s learning skills. We like to revise our numbers, colours and our ABC’s on a daily basis and have lots of fun doing it. We love using our gross motors skills by running around outside and riding our cool bikes and playing on our new play fort. We also help children with their toilet training and keep encouraging this to achieve them being nappy free.

Yellow Room

Our Yellow room is our pre-kinder room with the capacity of 30 children per day with a Qualified Kindergarten Teacher and a Qualified Trained Educator. We provide play-based learning experiences which help children develop a range of vital skills in their development years. We incorporate child selected activities so they get to pick what they would like to play with. We also have structured activities which educators in the room incorporate in the program; these activities will help them in the first years of school. One of our main components that we work towards is the social skills that the children have with one another, and we also aim highly on their numeracy and literacy learning by making it a fun way to learn. In the pre-kinder room we design activities that stimulate the child’s brain and we also like to have a range of activities that challenges the individual child.

Purple Room

Our Purple room is our 4 year old kinder room has the capacity of 30 children per day with a Qualified Kindergarten Teacher and a Qualified Trained Assistant running the program together throughout the whole day. Our curriculum provides a diversity of child-led experiences, child-initiated experiences, intentional teaching and project work. The basis of the curriculum always begins from the child’s interest; educators then will use these interests as agate way of promoting the child’s development. Children have the opportunity to contribute to group experiences, work as a team, become involved in group discussions and feel a true sense of belonging. Our Curriculum also recognises the importance of school readiness and the steps involved when easing the transition to school. Throughout the year children will be introduces to the necessary skills through daily experiences and interactions. We provide children with an environment that encourages self-growth, independence, social awareness, emotional stability and confidence. We also provide literacy and numeracy throughout the year with daily activities, although it is emphasized at the end of the year through our school readiness program which entails: homework books, bringing their own lunch boxes and 20 minute set out time sessions. Overall we love to have fun and our last year before school is the most memorable one for our kinders.