Parent’s Guide


Leaving your child in a service can be a highly anxious time for both parents and children. Our aim is to ensure that all members of the family feel safe and secure in the service environment. It is important that you try and set aside some time for us to get to know and trust each other before you leave your child. The service provides opportunities for your child to be exposed to the new environment prior to commencing care; these orientation visits apply to when a child starts care and also when they are transitioning from room to room.

Upon enrolment we will discuss some of the benefits and difficulties of introducing children to a group situation. You will have time to talk with the Director and the leader of the room your child will attend.

Orientation of a new child:

  • Complete your enrollment form at home and make a list of things to ask.
  • Discuss a plan with the director and educators on how to support your child during the settling in process
  • The service offers an orientation period, where parents are more than welcome to stay with their child for approximately 3 hours and free of charge. These orientation days are flexible and can be extended.
  • Show your child that you trust the educators by talking to them about your child.
  • When you leave your child for the first time make it a short period, spend some time with your child before you leave.
  • Gradually increase the time to include a lunch or rest routine.
  • Always say goodbye and tell your child you are leaving and that you will come back, by doing this your child will develop a sense of trust.
  • Ring the service as many times as you need to, we want you to feel reassured.
  • Parents will required complete an evaluation form at the end of the orientation process.

Transition between rooms:

  • Parents will be notified of the intent to move up their child, this decision will be based on age and development and in consultation with room leader and parents.
  • Parents will receive a formal letter that will stipulate the room the child will be moving into and the date it will occur.
  • A form will be required to be completed that details the child’s current routine, allergies and interests, this will enable the transition to become a lot smoother
  • Children will be given the opportunity to spend time in their new environment at different periods throughout the day prior to officially moving into that room, this will enable them to get to know their new carers, peers and routines.
  • The child’s current educators will support and encourage your child by spending time with your child in their new environment.

Centre Operating Hours:

Cairnlea Kindy & Care Centre is open Monday to Friday between the hours 6:30am – 6:30pm. The Centre operates 52 weeks of the year and is closed for all public holidays. A child may not be left at the Centre before 6:30am or collected after 6:30 pm.

Public Holidays are as follows: (fees are payable on the following days

*Australia Day                    *Easter Monday                                   *Melbourne Cup Day

*Labour Day                         *Anzac Day                                          *Christmas Day / Boxing Day

*Good Friday                        *Queens Birthday                               *New Years Day

Centrelink Benefits

Child Care Benefit (CCB) ~
Child care benefit is a payment from the Australian Government that helps with the cost of child care. All families must register with CCB regardless of whether or not they are entitled to any benefits. Families must supply the centre with a ‘Family Reference Number’ and a ‘Child Reference Number’ upon enrolment in order for CCB to be applied onto the account.

Families can opt to receive CCB fee reduction on a weekly basis or as a lump sum at the end of financial year.

Please contact the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50 to register prior to commencing care.

Child Care Rebate (CCR) ~
Child care rebate enables families to claim 50% of the ‘out of pocket’ expenses, families are eligible to receive CCR in 4 different ways.

  1. Direct to child care service (please advise centre director)
  2. Direct to you
  3. Quarterly payments to you
  4. Annual payments to you

Please note: Payment options will be applied for the financial year, a new payment option cannot be applied until the start of the next financial year.

Absences from Child Care ~

Initial Absence Days

Child Care Benefit is paid for up to 42 absence days for each child per financial year across all CCB approved service.

Absence days are referred to as ‘Initial 42 days absence’ in the family assistance law.

  • Each child receives a new set of initial 42 absence days at the beginning of the financial year.
  • These absence days can be taken for any reason (provided the day being reported as an absence is a day on which care would have otherwise been provided).
  • These absence days cannot be reported before a child has begun care or after a child has left care.

Public holidays will be counted as an absence day if:

  • The child would normally have attended the service and
  • Fees have been charged in respect of the absent child for the day.

Additional Absence Days

Once all the first 42 absence days have been used CCB will also be payable for absences taken for these reasons:

  • Illness (with a medical certificate)
  • Non-immunisation (with written evidence)
  • Rostered days off/rotating shift work (with written evidence)
  • Temporary closure of a school or pupil-free days
  • Periods of local emergency
  • Shared care arrangements due to court order, parenting plan or parenting order (with copy of documentation)
  • Attendance at preschool
  • Exceptional circumstances

More information on Absences in Child Care can be found on or speak to the service director.